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Functional Testing Support


As a fully College of Naturopathic Medicine- trained Nutritional Therapist I offer advice to support your health outcomes and concerns with advice on various functional tests. Rest assured these reputable companies keep your personal data safe and secure and do not share with any 3rd parties. Detailed reports and then analysed to help personalise a protocol to help and support you in your wellbeing goals.


Some examples are as follows:

  • Nutrigenomics DNA testing with Lifecode Gx.

  • Detailed blood tests with Functional Dx.

  • Dutch Testing for hormone balance issues.

  • Microbiome testing for support related to the gut and digestion

  • Organic Acids and GPL TOX testing to support environmental toxin exposure. 


My mission is to offer you a professional and dedicated service to personalise a programme that is right for you. Functional testing is the means to do this in a way that is designed exclusively for you and with what data your tests show.

For more information, feel free to book a consultation with me.


My vision is to empower and educate my clients to take control of their own health, know what is good for them, and what isn't working for them, and why. What are your blood or other markers telling us? Where is there subclinical evidence that a body system needs more support?  In addition to this, know that prevention is better than cure. As we say in the Nutrition Industry, "health is not simply the absence of disease".

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