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What is Health Coaching ?

There’s so much out there to learn!!!

Clients discussing health plan around table with health consultant

I embarked on a new approach to mentoring my clients in the Autumn of 2021, when I decided to train as a Health Coach.

This specialism helps to support clients who struggle with making changes to their diet and lifestyle, even though it is for the better. We all get stuck in habit loops, right? We are all human and have vices like enjoying sugary snacks, eating takeaways, drinking alcohol, or don't exercise.

But what if these habits were affecting our health outcomes and making our illness worse? What if you know you must stick to these changes, but struggle?

Well, this has little to do with willpower... but everything to do with motivation, reward, and support. I use education, coaching tools, and mentoring sessions to unlock the spark that compels you to put your health first- naturally and without difficulties.

For example, did you know that 1 in 10 people

suffer from symptoms of post viral fatigue after illness?

60,000 still have symptoms after 9 months or longer.

Ever wondered why? I do 🤔

Most people feel they were healthy before they came down with a bug.

Health Coaching reveals something different.

A- type driven personalities, with a love of over-exercising are more susceptible to chronic fatigue, especially post viral. They tend to have:

💫Stressful jobs

💫Difficult family dynamics

💫History of adverse childhood

💫Anxiety disorders

💫Disordered eating

We see these types as “vertically ill…”

Practitioners use the Johari Window model (above) to work through a client’s blind spots and hidden areas to their personalities and thinking.

More and more doctors are coming round to this ideology and referring patients and working alongside Nutritional Therapists and Health Coaches to resolve their patients problems, rather than simply relying on medications.

We are, after all, still using 20th Century thinking to solve 21st Century problems…

Does Health Coaching work?

It seems so! 🤩

According to statistics from studies undertaken by the NHS in 2014:

➡️84% improved their health outcomes in 43 studies

➡️92% Improved their attitude and motivation

➡️89% Improved their self care

➡️70% Reduced NHS service use and cost

For more information on accessing this type of Health Coaching, feel free to get in touch ☺️

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